The Troubles Keeper by Susan May

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There is a broad category of writing known as speculative fiction. I know this because I actually took a class in speculative fiction in college (it seemed like an easy A, and it was). THE TROUBLES KEEPER falls quite nicely into this category.

There is a really nasty serial killer here, yet there is no big police investigation in the book. I must confess that halfway through the book, I started looking for such an investigation and realized this isn't a serial killer whodunnit but a study in human nature. It's not just good versus evil; it's how an individual interacts with those around him or her. There is the sense that a good heart begets good actions.

The main characters are everyday folk. Our hero is a bus driver. There is a sweet boy meets girl romance about to bloom. In other words, it is a story of your life and mine except for that bit of supernatural ability that is not totally understood by its possessor. I found that I was more than curious about the ability, not only how it impacted ordinary mortals but the way it developed in the core characters.

Susan May seems to be following in the footsteps of Stephen King. She tells you a story that is easy to believe and taunts you with a bit of the supernatural so you suspend your disbelief. Then, she uses science to draw you in even further. This is a masterful technique that promises her an ever-expanding readership. I, for one, have already put her on my 'if she writes it, I will read it' list. You might just consider doing the same.

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With a terrific pace, and intriguing premise and great writing, 'The Troubles Keeper' is a 'must-read' for horror fans.

With characters you grow fond of, and some very unexpected turns this is an excellent paranormal thriller that will put Susan May in your 'read-everything' list.

Very recommended.

Audiobook review:
I should know it by now: if Susan May wrote it, I'll love it.

But seriously, this book is simply fantastic. The idea behind it is fascinating; the premise of the story is original and so intriguing.

And Rory! Rory is probably the best of her characters: generous, a bit shy, sweet but courageous and with an inner fortitude that will help him along the terrifying times ahead. Although, in truth, all the characters are interesting and very well drawn, and I cared deeply about all of them. There are some truly scaring moments and some heartbreaking ones, too, but the thing is, once I began, I simply couldn't stop. I spent the whole day listening to the story, wanting and fearing what would come next.

This is a very much recommended story, and, to be honest, a most recommended author. You won't regret entering in her worlds.

Oh, and Steve Marvel honours his last name, as his narration was a true marvel. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!) Seriously, the subtlety of his tones, the emotional charge of his narration made this even a better experience.

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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review.

As usual I try to keep this spoiler free.

I never read a paranormal thriller. I have read thrillers before but never with a paranormal element.
So when Susan was so kind to approach me and sensed me the synopsis I was a bit skeptical, not knowing what to expect of The Troubles Keeper.
But I instantly liked the idea of someone being able to take Troubles from people and keep them.

So here we have Rory Fine, a busdriver with a special gift called Trouble keeping. One day he offers his passengers to take their troubles and by doing so Rory discovers darkness that brings himself into trouble.

What that darkness is? You need to see for yourself.

I simply loved that concept, although I had huge problems finding my way with this book as first.
Susan Mays writing is so beautiful but for me so hard to read with this concept that I needed to get used to it first, but once I got the hang of it I didn't want to stop reading.

Beautifully written, great concept so 4 out of 5 stars as I had a bit trouble at the beginning.

Thank you again for providing me with a copy it was a unique read that dragged me into something completely new.

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Finally...finally got to read the Troubles Keeper and WOW, what a thrilling ride. I fell in love with Rory and Mariana, the characterization is so deep and heart touching. Trepanning gave me the creepies and i can still feel my flesh crawl, I think Susan May has done a wonderful job in creating such an evil menace that even after the final chapter each and every thought still resonates inside you.
Thank you once again for the free ebook and for the chance to read it.

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Rory Fine is a young man with a secret. He discovered when he was just a young boy, that he had the ability to take troubles and lock them away. This ability has been both a gift and a curse. One day he meets Mariana whose "troubles" are unlike anything he has ever experienced. A trouble that is so huge, so evil, it can not possibly be her own, and he can barely contain it. Rory knows that she is in danger but doesn't know from who, or how to help her. When another young woman falls victim to a serial killer Rory begins to suspect that the killer is closer than he thought.
This was a very original, well written thriller with just a hint of romance.

I received a complimentary copy for review

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I love this book! You've done it again Susan! Rory is amazing all of your characters are. Please write a second book or more, I NEED to know what happens to them all! I wish more people were like Rory, Mariana and Daniel in this world. There are sadly not enough. I figured out who did it before the story ended but it's ok because you put so many twists in that there was doubt. I really wish troubles keepers were real. At least they exist in your book so thank you for that.

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Review copy given in exchange for a candid review.

I'm really glad that I read this book. It was absolutely loved it! Honestly, [b:The Troubles Keeper|32570256|The Troubles Keeper|Susan May||52153199] deserves 5 stars! Why didn't I rate it 5 stars then? Well, it's my own biased mind.

Rory Fine, a simple bus driver, has a gift. He can take away the troubles of others. When someone on his bus holds a dark secret, Rory tries to decide whether or not he should reveal this gift to a woman he just met but loves, Mariana. Things get hectic when someone begins to stalk Mariana, and the same person murders others in the most brutal way. The book has an amazing premise!

The characters are pretty well developed, too. Rory is a fine character (hehe), and he appears in my mind as a plain, simple bus driver with a special gift. I'm more than glad that he is a bus driver instead of some man with a white collar job. It adds to the book's premise. Mariana, however, didn't earn much of my interest, but she has not been poorly developed either. She is the one character I didn't like in the book, and that is none of the book's fault. Mariana is actually the reason I rated the book four stars and not five. It was very good character development, and well oriented with their surroundings.

Similarly, the world building as well as the writing style was absolutely beautiful! I really fell in love with the book thanks to the writing style. It barely took 5 pages for the love at first write! I really do applaud the author, and no, I'm not falsely praising. This book really deserves more readers. I'd definitely recommend it to a lot of people!

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Absolutely awesome, scary, gruesome and well-written story. Can you tell I loved reading it from the previous statements? I certainly hope so! So, go get a copy for yourself (also would make a Fine gift). You will understand why I capitalized fine only by reading this page-turner. Oh, by the way, you may want to sleep with the lights on for a night or two.

Thanks to Kindle Unlimited

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What a truly great story! Having also read the prequel in Behind Dark Doors: The Complete Collection I found this even more interesting. I highly recommend this book! It's especially great on audio!!