Blitz by Ken Bruen

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После давнишнего просмотра фильма решил почитать и книгу. Впечатление она оставила странное, хотя сюжет в целом один и тот же, книга разве что немного интереснее.

Если в фильме герой, несмотря на всю свою badass-сность остается в целом положительным персонажем, то в книге инспектор Брант, который не является даже главным героем, в отличие от фильма, вызывает поначалу едва ли не отвращение. Типичный пост-нуарный персонаж, который с удовольствием борется с силами зла еще большим злом: вымогательство, шантаж, избиения и далее по списку. Ну и сам роман пропитан чисто нуарной безнадегой - Лондон похож на джунгли, за каждым углом поджидает опасность, полицейские не справляются, да и не сильно пытаются... В целом, неплохо.

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Pure Bruen genius!

When thinking about authors that write noir well, no one comes to mind quicker than Ken Bruen. He has a remarkable ability to present us with characters that are rotten inside but still manages to makes us care for them. In the Inspector Brant series we get to read about the despicable policeman who has little regard for the law, tramples over people as if they were a small bump on the road and acts as tough as any character out there. But the mesmerizing part is that once you get to know him you see something in there that makes you a huge fan!

It is not only the main character that drives this series, we have a collection of mesmerizing characters joining the ensemble. From the taciturn Roberts, who hits rock bottom in this book, to the explosive Falls, a police woman that mixes it up with the toughest guys, this series has it all. It is not limited to the normal characters either, since Bruen likes to frequently introduce new faces and the bad guys are a riot and have their own surprising characteristics.

I am convinced. It doesn't matter what the story is in each book, Bruen can take any plot and make it riveting and dark as night. This is no exception, and the cops are in pursuit of a ruthless killers who has picked them as a target. As is usual the case, Bruen has no compunction about killing familiar characters, so brace yourself. Whatever the case may be, those looking for a hard-boiled crime novel cannot go wrong with this one.

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dark tense fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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I really enjoyed this story. I first saw the movie and then wanted to read the book it was based on. I thought they both were very good. I didn't realize Brant was a recurring character until I finished this book. Now I need to find the first three. :-)