The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Christmas, by Nosy Crow

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This book is brilliant - the designs are intricate enough to keep kids coloring for a while without frustrating them, and then, when the coloring is finished, there is the putting cards and envelopes together and finally, deciding who gets which one. With a little creativity, young artists can really personalize their preprinted cards and envelopes, and there is even a space for them to sign their work, so the recipient knows exactly who colored it. There are 24 cards and envelopes and a page of 24 jolly Christmas stickers that were used to seal the envelopes. We used colored pencils for these designs, since they are fine and delicate designs and crayons and markers don't work as well for that. This book is recommended for kids age 5+, but I found it worked better with kids age 7+ who have more developed fine motor skills, but that is just my personal opinion.