The Mystery of Malaysian Airlines 370 by Sylvia Wrigley

kargoforth's review

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This is a straightforward account of the flight, before, during, and after. It compares a few theories with similar incidents, then gives pro or con, according to known facts, of the logistics of that particular occurrence. It is interesting and a few revisions have been made in attempt for relevancy with the case. As of 2016, I believe, revisions were stopped. This does not propose outlandish conspiracy theory scenarios. It does provide information of the flight and the mistakes the Malaysian government made in dealing with the disaster.

misspalah's review

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An insightful reading. I'm taking my time finishing this book as I'm a bit slow understanding the aviation jargon. The author really did her best making sure readers like us understand the terms. That's one the best parts of this book besides a lot of comparative cases, references and research of past aviation catastrophic events and how other countries handled it. Thanks to google playbook, i found this book for free. What a treat!