The Bone Trail by Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

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A disappointing ending.

As a series, these books have been pretty strong. The concept behind them was the perfect mix of classic fantasy and original ideas, but they fell short in a few too many places.

This book was by far the weakest of the three. It lacked the unique yet nostalgic feel that the other books held, as well as having a weaker plot. The beginning seemed to set out many (perhaps a few too many) plot lines that looked as if they would all intertwine in some major climax at the end of the series but instead they all just plodded slowly along until they all died out.

The characters were nothing special. The old characters got very little development and the new characters seemed shallow and worthless. The romance(s) were annoying and pointless. The main female characters (all but one) seemed to only be there to support the main male character.

Despite this, the book was still interesting and exciting at points and the worldbuilding is truly astonishing.

Overall, a decent fantasy book that I would recommend, just don't get your hopes up too high.

gen_wolfhailstorm's review

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Wow! Okay, major spoiler alert. But it's about the events. Not the story, so read at your own peril!

Okay, so I knew there was a chance Thrace would be pregnant, but the other events of the story made me forget about that, as I'm sure Stewart and Riddell had intended, but surely doesn't that mean that Cara may be pregnant too? And could someone clear up the ages for me? Because I pretty much went through this whole series thinking Micah and Thrace were between the ages of 12 and 15...

Okay now, I feel like I have found the meaning of this story, through all the struggling of the series I can say I like the ending. This was the only book which I liked out of the trilogy because I feel like it actually had a moral and all though the story, at times like the rest of the trilogy, was not entirely clear to me, I feel like I have leaned that us humans (the Kith) need to learn that we should respect nature and co-exist as one, in harmony with the creatures of this world, otherwise the bloodshed will not end until every last one of use organisms are dead. I don't know, but I just feel like the last few chapters of this book enlightened me to that teaching. Yeah, I am probably way off, but I hope not, because that it the only useful and interesting thing I found from this whole series.

So yeah, I think that the mix of a wild west setting along with fantasy did not really work in this case, but I am interested in checking out Stewart and Riddell's Edge Chronicles to see if that is any better, or if I just struggle to enjoy the writing of a duo author team (as the case may be at the moment)

((Oh and at the end I was getting that feel good shiver you get when you are just so excited and overwhelmed, however I don't feel like this deserved that kind of response, but I don't know guys.. I can't control my body's reactions. :( ))

Nevertheless, pick it up, give it a go and enjoy! ^^