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Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir by Maggie Thrash

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I loved the camp setting of this memoir, and the art style matched it pretty well. I was reminded the whole time of my own intense camp experiences and emotions... the way scenes occur and things get talked about with friends, in this all-encompassing and traditionally weird environment, feels very authentic to summer camp.
SpoilerAnd I liked the unresolved, kind of embarrassing ending. It felt authentic to the letdown endings real life often offers, and anything else (like a "this is what I learned" moral) would've been too much.
But the age gap between Maggie and Erin wasn't ever addressed in an appropriate way. The only character who really expresses concern about the huge age and maturity gap is painted as a homophobic jerk... And while I get this is nonfiction, you can't change what happened, I do feel like you can offer a slightly critical lens on your past experiences, you can comment on the age gap more than it felt like this framing allowed. 

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