Fortune's Fool by David Blixt

anaistromeria's review against another edition

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Epic book as always however my main reasons for docking off two stars were for the women in this book. Ok look i know this is pre-renaissance era and things were really shitty for women back then but did you have knock all the girls in this book down? I was extremely pissed off about Antonia getting raped even though he met his end at the end im still disgusted. And the same bastard killed cesco mom. Then when thats not happening i had to listen to a 12 year old girl bitch and moan about gianozza yes i dont like her either shes an airhead but was an entire long chapter full of every insult in two languages really necessary? and then when THAT wasnt happening you have every other girl in the book being and i quote either bitches or whores. really? Finally at the end i think weve met a cool new girl only for the book to end like that gif i cant seem to find right now from tumblr from a korean drama where a guy crashes a wedding in order to tell the bride and groom that theyre brother and sister L M F A O. i saw it coming. poor cesco. Couldnt cangrande tell him who his half bros and sisters are? Anyhoo im gonna hop onto the next book now.