Loving My Pack by Lane Whitt

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Friends get to tell other friends when they're being homicidal wolves with rage issues


I know i like pink. And he'll be a baby, so he won't care. I'm the one who has to look at all his stuff.


"I have a kid. He's a good thing." I tell him. "I kind of stole him." I admit.
He chuckles. "Of course, you did. You don't do anything half-assed, do you?"

"You go away and bring me back an Australian?"

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Honestly, i don't know. I am giving this series 3.75 stars because i truly do like the story, however, it something about this was off.

The My Pack series was the 2nd or 3rd RH series that I started when I first found out about the RH genre. Now since I have read the 1st two books in this series, i have read many, many more RH series while waiting for the final book in this series to come out.

While I was reading the final book, I kept trying to find out what was wrong with the story, I mean I love Kitten still, her guys are adorable and the plot is what was wrong with it?

I finally figured it out, I feel like this story was written out of order. The 2nd book in this series had action, adventure, the kidnapping and the climatic reveal about Kitten's origins, it was a lot going on in book two.

In this book, it is pretty much just Kitten and the guys really getting to know each other and her restructuring the Pack, other than that nothing much happens. I think this would have been a great 2nd book for the series but it fell flat as an epic conclusion.

If you read the first two book than yup go ahead and finish up the series. I see that there will be a spin off featuring their kids and even though it sounds interesting, i will not be picking it up until the whole series is complete.

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I’m in a horrible mood. This book took 2 days to finish. It was just that bad. The plot was rushed completely and I’m so over the characters.

Not going to lie, Kitten is a heroine you just want to punch. The special little snowflake trope has reached preposterous lengths.

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A relatively strong finish

Loving My Pack was a good way to wrap up this trilogy. Kitten finished strong. There was a little drama and a lot of domestic down time.

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(3 stars//spoilers)

I liked this story from the start-its the kind of over the top fantasy I daydream about, I was slightly disappointed in the ending, like I get it leaving it open ended so we can make our own conclusions but we did get some vague answers, it was short but glad there was a final book. the scenes were the hottest yet and I liked seeing the darker side of some of the guys and some of their pasts too.

in all I hope this author publishes more works, I like her brain.

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I’m writing for this book then the series as a whole.

Book 1: 1/5
Book 2: 3.5/5 lots of graphic scenes though.
Books 3: 3/5

Series as a whole:

To me it read like the novellas you use coins to unlock chapters. Those are my guilty pleasure. Really good stories that probably needs a fair amount of editing and perhaps some fleshing out. However, I really did enjoy this series.

Book 1: I kinda read this like the girl with the tragic backstory gains 8 wolf daddy doms while not all are that way. Some of the stuff Is juvenile but taking the street life into account and some unnamed things for later plot development and you get some really silly events. The cliffhanger at the end is heartbreaking.

Book 2: this is book is about recovery, mating development, and adjustment. Really not a whole lot of plot. We learn more about dad but mom is still a mystery. I enjoyed it for the relationship growth.

Book 3: is where all the plot happens. Relationship set backs from the withholding information in the name of protection trope but then we learn about mom and how it all went down.

The plot execution is clunky but still enjoyable. There were times I was confused until the characters “process” the information.

What I love about this series:
- Werewolves (alpha, luna, beta, pack house, warriors, novella style structure)
- low female population/ rare females
- h tragic past yet she is something special
- white wolf
- breeding
- pregnancy
- multiple babies
- making the RH work

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great ending to my favorite series. Best read ever, the first book surprised me the most. But this was a beautiful ending.

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Could overlook amateurish writing ("causing" and "making" being the author's two favourite verbs) but. the poor actress didn't have enough time or prep to do an Australian accent and made them Irish instead - it's a fairly good Irish accent, if not for the part where the text repeatedly reminds the reader that said Irish-sounding characters are supposed to be Australian.
The last thing I remember reading is the birth of the pups and everything being good and fine, which is a good enough place as any to end for me.

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Loving My Pack – Lane Whitt – The urge to pout is strong! I didn’t want it to end!!!! I’m living in hope that we get more adventures from the kids! It could be like The Bridgertons with wolves!!! That may be a bit of a spoiler, but we all know the daughter of the wolf fertility researcher would have kid –s right? Loved this book and loved the ending! Happy Reading!

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Good ending

This was a really nice ending to a trilogy. The sneak peek of the boys lives at the werewolf school has peaked my interest. Some of the story is a little farfetched but it won't stop me from picking up the sequel!