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A really neat collection of stories with some real gems, both fantasy and sci-fi. Everything from alien creatures in a hot spring to Cthulhu taking over the galaxy from an alien sea. Very fun. "The Byssus Woman" is an especial favorite about a trans woman finding acceptance in the sea.

kikiandarrowsfishshelf's review against another edition

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FYI - I funded the kickstarter that included this book.

Any collection of stories is going to be a mixed bag that will differ from reader to reader. Overall the majority of the stories were good. Not great, but a little above okay. There were three stand-outs.

1. "Rest in Peace" by Seann Macguire - this rift on the idea of a missing ship is wonderful. It's the right mixture of realism and sea legend. Really good ending.

2. "Go With the Flow" by Esther Friesner - Friesner is always best when playing with tropes.

3. "Son of Blob" by Jeffery J Mariottie - real good story with squid.