Solstice: A Vampire Tale by Bryan W. Dull

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I can honestly say, ive never read a book like this before!

And that's a good thing.

Mr Dull is a fantastic story teller. I was actually gripped from the first page.

The whole book revolves around a Vampire Slayer -in the first person. He goes out at night to kill prostitutes who arent quite vampire and carrying the AIDS virus. He slays them before they can turn into full vampires.
His reasoning behind the slaying of these particular ones actually makes sense, but during the book he starts to question this, and his life.

This is due to the little girl he accidentally stumbled across. The girl is a rare thing - a half breed. He grows fond of her, and the whole book's main aim at the beginning changes to help this girl.

One thing i would totally advise to do is read the Prologue before reading the main book I know some people skip it, but i would strongly advise reading it, as it helps you understand some areas later on in the book.

I dont know if Mr Dull intends to carry on with this. He's left it open, yet closed too, so if he does decide to carry on the option is there.

It took me 2 nights to read this one. I would recommend reading it, if only to feel the passion that Mr Dull pours into his writing.
The story is a pretty basic one, but he brings it alive and a joy to read!

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