Dying on Second by E.C. Bell, Eileen Bell

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Things are starting to look up for Marie. Her relationship with James is progressing, and she has joined a softball team to get some sunshine and exercise, and maybe even make some friends. [Note to self: I probably would have chosen biking rather than a competitive sport, but OK, she can choose whatever she wants.] Just like the previous books, it is structured with chapters alternating from the point of view of the ghost and Marie's, and the chapters just fly by - could not stop reading! I liked seeing Marie gaining confidence, while being allowed to freak out. I love all the character development she has received throughout the series. Oh, and James is awesome. I was suspicious of him in the first book, but he has won me over. He is almost as cool as my husband.

I was excited that a portion of the story was set in Calgary, but it was not really a Calgary I recognized.

SpoilerThe ending, oh dear.... Poor Marie. Grrrr. She has clear physical marks of having being attacked! Andy is a jerk, and the psychiatrist isn't helping either.
Oh, and James - if your girlfriend never wears any pink or owns vast amounts of pink objects, maybe that is not the best color choice for business cards?