Godzilla: Oblivion by Brian Churilla, Joshua Hale Fialkov

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Art's ugly and the story makes no bloody sense.

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To be honest I wasn’t sure going into this that I would enjoy it. I thought there was a good chance it would be a flop, but I was pleasantly surprised. In a nutshell the story goes like this, a portal to an alternate Earth is opened and a huge monster is accidentally let through. This so called king of the monsters begins to destroy the Eastern seaboard. In a desperate attempt to stop the complete destruction of our world the main characters return to the alternate world for technology to defeat the monster and come back with, you guessed it, Godzilla. I don’t want to give away much more than that, but there are a few more plot twists involved.

Overall, I thought the artwork was pretty good, but not amazing. The plot was fast-paced and transitioned smoothly between issues. If you’re a Godzilla fan, you will probably enjoy this comic trade. I know I did. :)

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.