The Flat by Andy Campbell

missusb21's review

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I quite like this totally unexpected foray into an apartment that appears abandoned and worse-for-wear.

The mechanics of 'reading' and navigating are not explained, and there is a time limit to how long people can stay, upping the suspense. The foreboding music, and loud, expected sound effects add to the confusing scenario. In essence, viewers really do not know what they are meant to be doing here.

But the idea of a ghost haunting this lonely place, and the esoteric and haunting words (hard to read, as they are barely on screen) add to the claustrophobic atmosphere, certainly create powerful emotions. I like that the ways the words are just fleeting musings and can (sort of) work together no matter what order you seem them.

There is a story here, but audiences need to be able to construct it for themselves. While most of us will find this experience frustrating, I argue that sometimes, it's not a bad thing to be forced to think outside the box.