Beauty & the Beast: Vendetta by Nancy Holder

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As expected: Nothing to write home about but I do think the characters felt natural and it was nice hearing their voices again. I got my Vincat fix, which is what I needed but honestly not that great. I'll probably rewatch a few episodes soon. I have the other two books as well, hopefully they are a bit better.

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The book in general was good and a nice way to take the sting off this long hiatus the CW is putting the show through (6 months and counting). But felt like something you would see in a "fluff episode" of the show (reason for my 4/5 stars. I was hope for a little more juicy bits from the show such a back stories of the characters, like for example what happened to Vincent when Reynolds kidnapped him at the end of season 1 or more information about how big this "secret society" is .)

The novel takes place in the middle of the manhunt for Vincent (So I want to say after the events that happen in "Cat and Mouse" and before the episode "Cold Case." ) while he tries to assist Cat in helping to find the kidnapped son of one of New York's powerful mob bosses.

The one thing I wasn't a fan of is wedging into the novel of Gabe trying to hunt down Reynolds/Catherine's father (who was taken from his cell in Rikers during the blackout) and the it was quickly cleaned up in the last paged of the book by Cat and Vincent. I'm hoping these spotlights were to show the secret society (mentioned in the tv series) will be brought to light in the upcoming season.)

The books in itself in a great puzzle as you try to figure out who is behind New York's blackout and the kidnapping of Angelo DeMarco, while also closing up some loose ends the show never got to and even opening some more up (which I'm hoping get incorporated into the 3rd season of the show). But I wouldn't recommend the books to anyone who hasn't watching the TV series. The author will suddenly mention certain scenes from the show, which avid watching will understand but leaving those who don't watch the show clueless.