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Siren & Scion by J.D. Evans

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adventurous emotional medium-paced


This is book is so brave. It takes a uterus to write something that is in a different place, away from all the characters you know, with a protagonist who the characters you know don’t really like. 


That said, I really enjoyed this book. I came to like Amara relatively quickly, particularly when she was away from the characters in Tamar. Maybe there could have been some hints in the other books that Amara wasn’t as unreasonable as she initially seemed but once you’re in the thick of the story you are so far away from the Tamaran drama it doesn’t matter. 


The bulk of this book takes place in the Republic. It amped up the fantasy level, with more world building and an understanding of the Republic and other races we haven’t met. I feel like as we go through the series the world is getting bigger and bigger. I have never read a fantasy/ romance series before but it feels really clever that book 1 starts with a couple and a bit of world, then the story draws you in. I find with other fantasy books they are front loaded with world building and then the story all takes place within it. This way round is like looking at a map that’s hazy then slowly coming into focus across the series. 


The sex scenes in this book were the best so far, and some of the best I’ve read, they were so well written and real. Hats off for that as they were steamy and joyful at the same time. 


I do have a snag – The Tamar based plot points that you know are coming were wrapped up in around 3 chapters right at the end which could have been better reasoned. It would have benefitted from some hints towards a wholesale change of opinion from Amara in the bulk of the narrative. It also felt like the main issue in Tamar could have been very easily solved with some clear communication; and it was entirely unclear why that hadn’t happened. But, balance aside I LOVED this and can’t wait for the next instalment. 

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