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Unfortunately, I didn’t love A Time Lord for Change as much as I expected to. My interest in Doctor Who is more in its characters than it’s stories; I’m a fanfiction person and while this anthology is definitely a transformative work created by fans I don’t know if it’s fanfiction as I’d define it!

The drabbles are concerned more with the narratives and themes of individual Doctor Who serials and that’s not especially interesting to me. However, they are for the most part very strong. And the big upside of a drabble anthology is that when you don’t enjoy a piece, it’s over very quickly.

It also does require a quite extensive knowledge of classic who – there’s one drabble for every serial and all of them will make sense only if you’ve seen the serial. Definitely a novella for the hardcore fans, which is a niche market. But if that’s you, definitely check it out – it’s an interesting read and for a good cause.