Limbo #1 by Caspar Wijngaard, Dan Watters

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Normally i don't really like graphic novels. I did like this one though. I found the story line very interesting, although the style is not my favorite

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The art is amazing with the neon colors, the story is so-so.

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[Image Comics] FIRST ISSUES: The Bad (Full review on the WondrousBooks blog.)

I’m on the ropes with this one. I could crown it “The Best of the Worst” but I don’t really know how to explain my feelings.

The thing is: the graphics are charming, if not actually beautiful, the detail in them is interesting, especially in the images with skulls and skeletons; the story also has enough potential; the characters are not horrible… But… I still don’t feel any particular interest or desire to continue reading the series. There is something missing.

As the biggest problem I would put the main character, who, albeit not being annoying, is not really interesting either. I have no desire to follow him around on his adventures and be invested in what happens to him.

There is a certain creepiness, though, that I did enjoy, especially in the goat-shaman scene. If the entire issue had been like this, Limbo would have definitely gone to my previous post.

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Weird and weirdly compelling. Lovecraftian noir.

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Unbelievably great art but the story isn't doing anything for me.

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the art is electrifyingly great, all dizzy neon colors that stand out within the darkness of the story.
i swear i'm like a five-year old: if there isn't pretty art in a book, i don't want it!
this comic has:
*a girl who dances to pop music to communicate with the dead
*a Mexican setting, particularly a very eerie ''día de los muertos''
*taking things out of TVs!!! how very RAVEN CYCLE
*a Lana Del Rey-like cabaret singer

a captivating aesthetic, lots of crazy noir stuff going on. really liked it.