Can I Join Your Club? by Steph Laberis, John Kelly

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I love the lesson in this book- include everyone and be a leader! Duck is rejected from other animals clubs because he's not the same, so he creates his own club that allows everyone in who wants to be there. He doesn't just complain about not being included, he goes and fixes it. The kids think it's so funny that every club he wants to join requires that he make the noise of the animal in charge, but he can never do it right! Moooo-QUACK! They get a kick out of it. Fun read aloud!

tinkeringlibrarian's review

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Bold, colorful book on not changing yourself to fit in, and making friends who are different from you. Good read aloud, and great for getting kids involved to make all of the animal sounds. Prek-3 to 5th grade.