The End of All Things by Jill Williamson

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The End of All Things brings the first part of this epic saga to a close, and epic it certainly is. The world is literally breaking apart. The people of the five realms must evacuate, but before that can happen there are a lot of human problems to be overcome.

Things come to a head between Willek, his brother Janek, and their father King Echad. You can be sure that things will get worse before they get better. Meanwhile, Willek may have escaped the clutches of Charlen for now, but she's not letting him go without a fight, but by the time he figures our her plan, it might be too late.

As an ending this book is fantastic, but it's more than that. Think of this like the season finale of a TV series. It brings resolution, but sets up the next chapter.

Apocalyptic stories often end with a near end-of-the-world event. Those who survive then have the challenge of building a new world. Sadly, so many stories finish there. I often find that the re-building will be the greater story, the bigger challenge. What I like about this series is we're going to see that story unfold in the next book.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the three novellas that have made up King's Folly, and consider it amongst my favourite fantasies. Jill Williamson may just have what it takes to become the Brandon Sanderson of Christian fiction. I can think of no higher praise.