Riders by Veronica Rossi

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Amazing premise, amazing lovable characters, great writing, but wholly rushed ending and completely unsatisfying conclusion. I know Seeker comes out soon, but I do not think it is a continuation of this nor will it help the rushed aspect of this book.

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I LOVE horsemen stories. This was marvelous. I love the storytelling.

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Audio book review. Narrator: Dan Bitner

I started this book by accident, thinking it was another that I had on my mp3 player, but it caught me from the start so I kept listening. It has the main character, Gideon Blake, being interrogated in the present, and as he tells his story to the interrogator, time shifts and the past is told as the present. It's an interesting technique that I found refreshing. It's a pretty self-contained story, although the end leads into the next in the series. The narrator did a great job, too.

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Actually not finished, but DNF'ed. Why? I was already at chapter 34 and nothing significant happened. They were still busy gathering the crew and I couldn't take it anymore. Where was the action? I didn't mind the POV though.

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At first I could take or leave this story. While intrigued, I had some issues connecting in the beginning for two reasons: One, our MC is male, and two, the way the story was told. I'm not a fan of reading in a male's POV, because well, I'm clearly a female, and I can't relate. I can't get on board a romance with another female because I like males. So automatically, the romance is out. As for the way the story is told, Gideon is recounting past events that have already happened. It was interesting, but it makes for a very detached prose. He's telling, not experiencing. The emotion isn't there because he's just telling a story. It was a bit too clinical.

Somewhere along the way, that changed for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't like it in the beginning. My curiosity was definitely piqued, because the concept is hella awesome. But the fact that things felt detached were giving me problems. The story was good, not great. Then right around 40% things started picking up. Really picking up. I was curious about Gideon and War. Intrigued when Bastian and Famine showed up. But it wasn't until Death's appearance when I started getting really hooked. From that point on the action was non-stop! It was edge-of-your-seat, heart-pounding, cinematic action. And it was EPIC! I was completely enthralled by this story!

The concept is freaking amazing. That's definitely the selling point of this novel - I can guarantee it will be unlike anything you've ever read before! I absolutely LOVED the idea of the four horsemen reincarnated, and the Kindred. They were so creepy! My favorite part, though? The freaking horses. When Riot came into play this book went to a whole other level of enjoyment. I loved Riot! Shadow, Lucent, Ruin, and Riot were SO FREAKING BADASS, YOU GUYS.

Remember when I said this book was cinematic? I had no problem whatsoever picturing everything as it happened in my head. It was like a movie was playing, and I was engrossed! This book NEEDS to become a movie. It would be epic!!

The initial lack of connection is really the only thing that kept me from giving this book 5 stars. If the entire book had been like the last 250 pages, this would have easily been a new favorite for me! I didn't really get onboard with the romance either, but I can't really consider that as being an actual complaint. While I felt no warm fuzzies for Daryn and Gideon, it didn't detract from the story at all. The romance took a backseat to the action (thankfully)!
He was ferocious and I was taking a beating, but it only spurred me on. Because seriously? I was War.

I think Rossi did a fabulous job bringing all of the horsemen to life with their own individual personalities. They were all very distinct, which is important because they were introduced in fairly quick succession. It was never hard to tell them apart, or to forget which horseman was which. They were very convincing! I do have to say that Sebastian was my favorite, because he was the one that always brought levity to things! Gideon did have me cracking a smile from time to time too with his sarcasm.
SpoilerI was kinda freaking out a little when Sebastian disappeared. HE NEEDS TO BE OKAY IN THE NEXT BOOK. I just can't handle any other options!

Despite the detachment in the beginning, I quite like the way this story was told. You only get bits and pieces at a time, and no clue as to how Gideon was in the current situation. You get information in steps, and it keeps the interest going. I enjoyed Under the Never Sky, but I do believe Veronica Rossi has outdone herself this time! I can't wait to get my hands on book two!

Favorite quote
I had no problem taking orders from a girl. I'd been doing it my whole life, for one. My mom was the strongest person I knew. And if you were capable, I personally gave no shits what you were. For me character was character, end of story.

This review was originally posted on Novel Heartbeat. To see a breakdown of my assessment, please visit the full review here.

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4.5 stars.

This book was a lot of fun. Rossi completely nailed our protagonist's voice, pulling me in completely with his quick and humorous narrative. The story was interesting, a unique premise, and I enjoyed all the characters, even the ones who didn't get much screentime. The story's format and structure is very different than most stories, but I really enjoyed it, and never found the flipping back and forth between timelines jarring or annoying. The ending may have seemed a little rushed, especially with the build-up with the rest of the book, but with there being a sequel, I'm not too worried about it. Overall, a nice story with some nice writing and cool characters.

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adventurous emotional mysterious tense fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Plot
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? No


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Not the worst book I've ever read, but glad to have finished it.

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Awesome book. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! Fast paced with humor laced into it.

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Also posted on The Once and Future Reader.


I know I can always trust Veronica Rossi to bring me out of a reading slump. I didn’t have a clue what this book was about before I launched into it; I just went with it and Veronica Rossi did not disappoint. It was a fun, exciting story that kept me engaged, fired my imagination, and had me laughing out loud. It was the perfect antidote to lift me out of my reading slump.

What Worked for Me

The characters • • • I really liked the characters, Gideon especially. I also appreciated how Veronica Rossi made the four horsemen diverse–because yes. It was so nice to see some diversity, and though I could see how it might appear to be a bit “too on the nose,” I liked it all the same. It made the whole thing seem so much more real.

The dialogue • • • A lot of Gideon’s narration had me laughing out loud, but a lot of the dialogue exchanges were hilarious to me, too. Also, it was easy to tell who was speaking at any given time (something I didn’t fully appreciate until I read a book where literally everyone sounds the same). Not the case here, thankfully. It really added a nice layer to the characters.

The plot • • • At the start, I was a bit confused, but I quickly realized it was a two-string plot where Gideon was narrating the past within a present timeline. It added a really nice dynamic feel to the storytelling. And though I wasn’t the hugest fan of the big climax, which I felt was a bit rushed, I definitely didn’t have a problem staying engaged with the story.

The world • • • I mean, cool concept, right?! This is the first Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse story I’ve come across and I loved Veronica Rossi’s vision of their powers and their horses. I would love to see this as a movie.

Also, the detail that Veronica Rossi puts into Gideon’s Army training and just the way he thinks is so on point (or feels like it, anyway). I loved it and felt it really added a lot of sophistication to Gideon’s character and credibility as a narrator.

The writing • • • It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book by Veronica Rossi. I forgot just how efficient her writing style is. It isn’t super flowery or minimalistic, but strikes this middle ground that packs a lot of punch. It just gets the job done and I love her for it.

The romance • • • Even though the romantic relationship was predictable, I like how it developed, because it wasn’t instalove. These two went through a lot of stressful situations before things started shifting. Also, I can see how they connect to each other, why they like each other (a logic often left out in fictional romances nowadays). Even though I’m not 100% Team Daryn, I hope everything works out.

What Didn’t

The world • • • I list the world here as well because I would’ve liked more. It was very focused on just the four of them, which was fine because it was cool, and there was a bit of history that played into the climax, but I would’ve liked more details. Because this is a series, that will probably show up in later books, but I would’ve liked more in the first book.

The characters • • • I did have a tiny issue with Daryn’s character. She reminds me slightly of Annabeth from the Percy Jackson books, in that you don’t get what her deal is right away and until you do, she’s off-putting. I liked her well enough, but not enough to where I’d punch my fist in the air for her. I think I’ll probably like her more after Seeker since I suspect that will be in her point of view.


Another striking book from Veronica Rossi.