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A book by a Jew of color
All kinds of Jews of color count, be they patrilineal, mixed race, adoptees, converts, or members of a historical community like Bene Israel (Indian Jews)
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fiction fantasy historical middle grade emotional hopeful sad medium-paced

208 pages | first published 2022

fiction historical lgbtqia+ challenging dark emotional medium-paced

432 pages | first published 2022

fiction contemporary literary emotional reflective sad medium-paced

401 pages | first published 2022

fiction fantasy young adult adventurous emotional lighthearted medium-paced

11 hours, 30 minutes | first published 2022

fiction classics race challenging funny reflective medium-paced

212 pages | first published 1974

fiction fantasy historical magical realism young adult emotional mysterious reflective medium-paced

382 pages | first published 2022

fiction comics reflective medium-paced

48 pages | first published 2002

fiction lgbtqia+ race science fiction speculative fiction challenging dark emotional medium-paced

352 pages | first published 2017

nonfiction lgbtqia+ race young adult informative inspiring reflective fast-paced

64 pages | first published 2021

fiction middle grade emotional hopeful reflective medium-paced

224 pages | first published 2012