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A book by a queer Jewish author
Most denominations of Judaism embrace the LGBT+ community and have for decades. There are so many great authors to choose from, both contemporary voices and early pioneers.
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fiction lgbtqia+ romance funny lighthearted relaxing medium-paced

368 pages | first published 2022

fiction lgbtqia+ romance young adult emotional funny hopeful fast-paced

8 hours, 30 minutes | first published 2022

fiction play dark funny reflective medium-paced

128 pages | first published 2023

fiction lgbtqia+ romance funny hopeful lighthearted fast-paced

164 pages | first published 2022

fiction contemporary romance young adult hopeful inspiring lighthearted medium-paced

464 pages | first published 2020

fiction fantasy lgbtqia+ emotional hopeful reflective medium-paced

256 pages | first published 2022

nonfiction biography lgbtqia+ memoir emotional funny reflective medium-paced

6 hours, 36 minutes | first published 2021

fiction fantasy magical realism young adult lighthearted mysterious slow-paced

362 pages | first published 2019

fiction lgbtqia+ religion romance

138 pages | first published 2022

fiction fantasy lgbtqia+ romance short stories emotional slow-paced

56 pages | first published 2018