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Historical fiction by a Jewish author that's not about the Holocaust
While the Holocaust is maybe what most people think of when they think about Jewish history, we've been around for thousands of years in communities all over the world!
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363 pages first pub 2009 (editions)

fiction historical emotional reflective slow-paced

400 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

emotional reflective medium-paced

448 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

fiction historical lgbtqia+ magical realism young adult dark emotional sad medium-paced

237 pages first pub 2021 (editions)

fiction historical literary challenging reflective slow-paced

386 pages first pub 1993 (editions)

fiction feminism lgbtqia+ challenging emotional reflective slow-paced

48 pages first pub 2002 (editions)

fiction comics reflective medium-paced

328 pages first pub 1936 (editions)

fiction reflective slow-paced

272 pages first pub 1969 (editions)

fiction classics literary funny reflective medium-paced

540 pages first pub 1925 (editions)

fiction classics historical challenging informative reflective medium-paced

439 pages first pub 1934 (editions)

fiction classics historical reflective slow-paced