Devour Your TBR 2023 - hosted by howlinglibraries

Accessibility August
Focus on reading books written by and/or about neurodivergence (autism, ADHD, etc.), diverse bodies (disabilities, fat rep, and more), and mental health!
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464 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

fiction science fiction thriller challenging mysterious reflective medium-paced

416 pages first pub 2020 (editions)

fiction contemporary romance lighthearted fast-paced

272 pages missing pub info (editions)

fiction middle grade dark mysterious medium-paced

288 pages first pub 2023 (editions)

fiction middle grade mystery dark mysterious medium-paced

320 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

fiction middle grade mystery dark lighthearted mysterious medium-paced

336 pages first pub 2023 (editions)

fiction contemporary lgbtqia+ romance emotional funny lighthearted medium-paced

124 pages first pub 2008 (editions)

fiction childrens mystery lighthearted mysterious fast-paced

304 pages first pub 2021 (editions)

fiction mystery adventurous funny lighthearted fast-paced

400 pages first pub 2016 (editions)

nonfiction history emotional informative slow-paced

384 pages first pub 2015 (editions)

fiction mystery thriller dark mysterious tense fast-paced