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A book translated from a Jewish language
The most widely spoken and well-known Jewish language today is Hebrew, but Jews in the global diaspora have always spoken languages and dialects of their own, often blending Hebrew with the languages of the local non-Jewish population. Examples include Yiddish, Ladino, and Judeo-Arabic, but there are many more.
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fiction comics reflective fast-paced

172 pages | first published 2006

fiction mysterious medium-paced

256 pages | first published 2004

fiction literary challenging emotional reflective slow-paced

112 pages | first published 2020

fiction historical literary dark emotional reflective medium-paced

10 hours, 47 minutes | first published 2019

fiction short stories adventurous challenging reflective slow-paced

304 pages | first published 2021

fiction comics reflective fast-paced

168 pages | first published 2006

fiction reflective slow-paced

328 pages | first published 1936

fiction historical challenging funny reflective slow-paced

267 pages | first published 1931

fiction feminism reflective slow-paced

344 pages | first published 2020

fiction classics historical short stories reflective slow-paced

376 pages