The 52 Book Club's 2024 Reading Challenge

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2024 Reading Challenge

The 52 Book Club’s 2024 Reading Challenge

Do you love reading? Whether you’re an avid reader who finished hundreds of books last year or a brand-new bookworm who simply wants to read more — this 2024 reading challenge is for you! The 52 Book Club’s annual challenge is an entirely customizable reading challenge designed to help you try new authors and genres, meet fellow bookworms, and crush your reading goals!

What is the challenge?

The 52 Book Club’s annual reading challenge is made up of 52 unique prompts. The goal is to match one book to each prompt, for a total of fifty-two books over the course of the year. Prompts are related to everything from specific titles, to cover designs, authors, genres, settings, themes, characters, etc. (Think of it like a giant bookish scavenger hunt!) We encourage participants to try books outside of their regular reading comfort zones and push themselves to read more, read differently, and get creative with it!

Remember that the challenge doesn’t officially begin until January 1, 2024! (We release it early so you have time to plan and invite friends!) Have more questions? Check out our FAQs on our website,

Need help with a prompt? You can check out our 2024 CHALLENGE GUIDE here! This challenge guide walks through each of the 52 prompts and offers descriptions and helpful tips for understanding or completing each prompt.

Happy reading, bookworms!

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