Mythothon Round 8: Journey through Hades

Hosted by foxesfairytale

27 participants, 139 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 September 2023

Ends: Sunday, 01 October 2023

 For this readathon, you'll start by crossing the River Styx with Charon, the boatman, and enter the Underworld and the afterlife. From their, your goal is to ultimately reach the Gate of Ivory, and be reborn into the mortal world. However, along the way, there are other sights to explore - places for villains and for heroes. Will you (or your character, if you decided to create one) make it out? Make the journey as simple (5 prompts) or as winding as you'd like.

The group books are not compulsory, but will be  Daughter of Darkness by Katharine Corr & Elizabeth Corr and  The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan.


Challenge prompts