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Skoden Readathon 2022

Hosted by nativeladybookwarrior

November is Native American Heritage Month and I will be challenging readers to read Indigenous Lit all month long. This readthon is called Skoden because Natives slang term for Let's Go Then! is "Skoden!" So readers, let's celebrate Indigenous...

10 prompts | 65 participants | 163 books added

Jewish Books Reading Challenge: 5783

Hosted by hplatter

A reading challenge for your local Jewish Studies major who misses college, or anyone else who wants to join! Still workshopping the categories, open to suggestions or changes. 

11 prompts | 5 participants | 8 books added

Blackoweenathon 2022 - All Prompts

Hosted by chantaal

Blackoweenathon, hosted by Bre/Loc'd Booktician. This focuses on reading Thiller, Mystery, and Horror novels by black authors in October. [Readathon announcement]I made this challenge so I could a 100% prompt version. 

7 prompts | 13 participants | 50 books added

South Asian Reading Challenge

Hosted by mahamreads

South Asia is very large expanse, but for the purpose of this challenge i'm narrowing it down to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh

14 prompts | 27 participants | 65 books added

For the Culture Readathon: Halloween Edition

Hosted by hellokutie

For the Culture Readathon is a Readathon celebrating Black culture and Black books! This round takes place for the whole month of October 2022. All prompts for this round are based on Black horror movies and characters. Feel free to add your ow...

11 prompts | 28 participants | 136 books added