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Blood in the Water : ( Murder Mystery - Main Round)

Hosted by zaqlovesbooks

Here’s the main round to Murder Mysteread.You’re invited to a old ballroom in the middle of fall. The host was celebrating its grand opening as a shelter for those in need. But as you enter, you see a body and four detectives who could have don...

24 prompts | 0 participants | 0 books added

Christmas Spirit Holiday Reading Challenge

Hosted by luminadragon

Okay, so November 1 isn't actually Christmas time, but it's not too early to start celebrating! Read books from this list of prompts to get into the holiday spirit!

20 prompts | 2 participants | 0 books added

Kasey's Birthday Bingo!

Hosted by kdsmoove

Helloooo let's play a chaotic bingo for the month of January to celebrate MY chaotic birth 

9 prompts | 3 participants | 0 books added

Penny Dreadful Books

Hosted by zebran

Books I should probably read before watching/continuing the TV show Penny Dreadful 

7 prompts | 2 participants | 6 books added

Reading the Clock Challenge

Hosted by neermboop

Read a book with each hour of the clock in the title 🕑

12 prompts | 4 participants | 11 books added