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Hosted by kthebookwyrm

Attempting to read all the novellas and full-length novels published by Publishing

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Tiffany D Jackson Back Catalog Challenge

Hosted by rayofgdsunshine

I just started reading Tiffany D Jackson, and I know I am missing out. As a fellow booktoker, shereadytoread, pointed out she's the only author out there writing the way she writes about Black teen experiences. The representation, the themes ma...

10 prompts | 2 participants | 1 book added

Barbara Kingsolver

Hosted by gypsynyx91

Reading through some of Barbara Kingsolver’s works 

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Siri Hustvedt Reading Challenge

Hosted by lerawr

Read all of the novels by Siri Hustvedt with me! Hustvedt is a brilliant contemporary American novelist and essay writer.Bonus prompts include her collections of essays and poetry, and the works that inspired this author.

12 prompts | 1 participant | 20 books added

The Brutal Birthright x Kingmakers List

Hosted by shes_tay

Reading Sophie Lark's Brutal Birthright series and Kingmakers series back-to-back. Bonus points to the Kingmakers limited edition covers ;)

11 prompts | 2 participants | 5 books added