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African Literary Canon

Hosted by secretbookcase

This is a compilation of 150 must-read books by African authors. It was put together through a combination of existing lists (including APNET's 'Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th century) and a review of literary prizes. It includes authors f...

150 prompts | 2 participants | 23 books added

Emma Watson's Climate change reading list

Hosted by heather_ogden

A challenge to read all the books Emma Watson reccomended on climate change. 

8 prompts | 2 participants | 0 books added

Read Around the World

Hosted by acejolras

A challenge to read a book from every country. 

197 prompts | 2 participants | 3 books added

Read one book from every country in the world

Hosted by vedemsie

Read one book from every country in the world. I focus on where a author is born. They have to be born in the country or important to that country’s literature. This is a private challenge for me to diversify my reading habits, but anyone is we...

183 prompts | 3 participants | 94 books added

A-Z Reading Challenge 2023

Hosted by heathssm

Reading around the world. 50 books from 50 different countries.

50 prompts | 8 participants | 50 books added