A review by ameliacball
The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray


Takeaways from this book:
- Europe has lost its identity, becoming increasingly secular and nihilist. This identity is being take over by an Islamic faith, which has the power to take over whatever little European culture and faith left.
- Chancellor Merkel opened borders to refugees from Syria that turned out to be primarily economic migrants. There was no system of claims for asylum, deportation, or legal immigration in general.
- To oppose this system of mass migration, as E. Europe did, was considered racist and was vehemently fought against- although much of the European public was against this mass migration.
- Assimilation/multiculturalism has historically failed, as stated by the Chancellor in 2010.
- The implications are vast but include less foreign intervention in states abroad and less resistance to migration in the future as the population becomes primarily Muslim.
Well-written and thought-provoking but lacked a holistic view to the situation- if there had been a rebuttal against the overwhelming evidence that migrants are beneficial to the economy/society, I would have been more enamored with the ideas presented. Regardless, unique and provocative, which I suppose is the main goal.