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Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & Love, by Elsie Chapman

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 Food has a language of its own and can connect us in such a beautiful and memorable way. Some of my fondest memories are set around a table with friends and family as we swap stories and reminisce together.

Although I don’t have fond memories of my mother, I remember my summer getaways to my grandparents’ house where I’d get to help my grandma cook and care for her house. Helping grandma K make chicken paprikash, goulash, and yummy desserts are some of the best memories I have. As I look back at my childhood, there are three distinct times of the year that were always my absolute favorite [summer vacation at my grandparents, the August family reunion, and Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house with cousins] and each of those times included delicious food. 

This was such a fun collection to read through. All the stories are set within the Hungry Hearts Row neighborhood but they each tell their own unique stories. Some stories read as straight contemporary where people talk about the food bringing others together but never mention magic as something real. Other stories, in this collection, show a magical and supernatural side to the food that’s crafted.

I really enjoyed getting to know so many different people who live, and eat, along Hungry Hearts Row and look forward to checking out more work by all the authors featured. 

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