A review by dooweedoo
Doctor Who: Spare Parts by Marc Platt

adventurous challenging dark lighthearted mysterious tense medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Plot



I'm kinda disappointed because I've heard such great stuff about this story so I had rly high expectations<\3 like it's fine and I'm always uo for a fun five/nyssa story but,,, idk.

i found it kinda hard to follow and there was too much cyberman dialogue which i find so irritating to listen to in an audiošŸ˜­ it was ok but as a main range it was just too long, i feel like if it had been in a different series and shorter it would've been more engaging.

there were some funny bits which i always appreciate<3 yOU BROUGHT A CYBERMAT INTO MY TARDIS i love five sm ehe and loads of adric mentions imma cry

Spoilerthe ending was so bad like why it just makes the whole story so pointlessšŸ˜­