A review by geo_ix
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard


So I've wanted to read this for years, back when I lived out of home with a high school friend she read it, and was meant to let me borrow it after her. However she was the slowest reader on the planet and we finished school before I got a chance to read it.

Anyway, I finally, after watching the latest episode on the tv went, 'oh I wanted to read those' I knew the books were quite small, and so I knew whether good or bad I wouldn't be stuck reading it for days, one or two at the most. I knew that because I liked the show, I would clearly like where the story went. It only took me a few hours. Thankfully, I like books and their portrayed to tv show or film versions to be different. I mean, why watch or read something I've already experienced? I know other readers complain when they add things or remove characters and scenes, but seriously? How boring. I want a fresh look if it's adapted to film. I want new characters I've never seen, I don't mind if they look different to what they had, or they've knocked off characters who have one damn line!

Anyway. My only problem was, as I've seen the show, I kept seeing those characters, and not the pretty blonde ones in the book. But that's not on the book so I'm not degrading it for that! really great for preteens, maybe even just early teens as there's a little language, but we all know they swear and do the dirty these days anyway! Happy reading everyone!