A review by katkinney
All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Lauren Willig, Karen White, Beatriz Williams


In this historical fiction novel co-written by three different authors, three different women in three different timelines are connected by war and an amulet in France. In 1914, Aurelie is trapped on her family estate when the Germans claim it as their headquarters. They are searching for a valuable heirloom that plays a part in all three timelines. In 1942, Daisy works as a Resistance courier. And in 1962, Barbara searches for answers for what her husband really did during the war and what his relationship was with “La Fleur” the famed French resistance heroine who sent him letters after the war that Barbara secretly hid out of jealousy. I enjoyed the storytelling style and enjoyed each story separately. I kind of wished that the stories had felt more connected. They did connect at the very end. This is probably just sort of expected when written by three different people. Still, they were very enjoyable on their own.