A review by marimoose
Lucifer Book One by Mike Carey


Picked the volume up solely because I saw it and thought "Oh! Look! The depiction looks like the one in Gaiman's Sandman!" At closer inspection, I discovered it was!

Of course, this spinoff of a Sandman character is interesting, because it is none other than Lucifer, Prince of Hell and yadda yadda yadda. Only he's given up the whole Underworld business and has retired from the dominion of devilry. In fact, in Mike Carey's depiction, the Lightbringer is the owner of the Lux, a bar in Los Angeles run by his lesser demon servant, Mazikeen. There's more to say about the fallen angel, but I'll stop there, because it really takes reading the story to get what's happening next.

I actually liked the compilation (which I think encompassed a number of volumes, 3-4?). Some personal favorites were the chapters in the Japanese version of the afterlife. But the last few chapters were great too, filled with myths and a delving into angelology.

And honestly, it was difficult NOT to like Lucifer Morningstar.