A review by westerdrumlins
Forbidden Lives: Lgbt Histories from Wales by Norena Shopland

challenging emotional informative reflective slow-paced
While it took me from the end of March to the end of Semptember to finally finish this, it was definitely an interesting read and involved lots of people I'd never heard of which I like to find in queer non-fiction. However, the lack of editing really took me out of the flow of each account, and most likely contributed to the reason it took me so long to read (though I do understand that independent publishers simply don't have the same resources, be it time or money, for the same level of editing as the biggest publishing houses). I'd still recommend this, especially as a starting point for further reading/research, but would keep my previous point in mind. I am, however, very intrigued to read Norena Shopland's new book.

Content warnings include:
Spoiler Homophobia, transphobia, legal discrimination, outing, suicide (and suggested murder)

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