A review by jdye6529
Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris


This book gives off serious Ghost Whisperer vibes and it’s really a great little read. The lead character had a tough childhood, as a teen was struck by lightning and as a result, she can sense the dead. She finds their bodies and sees the moments they die, she uses this power as a means to survive. Traveling town to town to help those that hire her. She finds herself and her brother in trouble when things don’t unfold as smoothly as expected in Sarne, Arkansas. Harper is a girl who struggles to cope with day to day life, thanks to the trauma of her childhood and accident. Tolliver, her brother is her rock and protection. They meet Hollis Boxleitner, the hardened by life cop, Sybil the wealthy mother of a dead teenage son, Helen the alcoholic mother of two dead daughters. As the story unfolds you learn that almost everyone in this small town is interconnected and their families have lived there for generations.

Some of the connections and plot points are a bit predictable, others were really well executed and unexpected. You also get a decent amount of background for several characters without it feeling forced into the story. That’s something I appreciate, learning a bit about why characters are the way they are, it’s not easy to tie those details in. There were a few pieces of the story that I wish had been wrapped up a bit more, some of the connections or whys behind events were not revealed. Overall I really enjoyed the read though!