A review by quiltsandtealibrary
Wet Hot Allosaurus Summer by Lola Faust


For starters, I want to thank NetGalley and Lola Faust (& anyone else responsible) for providing this free ebook in exchange for an honest review. I have seen Wet Hot Allosaurus Summer mentioned in quite a few reader groups I am in, along with a few Instagram posts and was excited to see it offered here (on NetGalley)!

Overall I give 4/5 stars
Was this the best monster romance I have ever read? No. Was it one of the more unique story-lines that seemed longer than it was, and actually had me semi emotional near the end? Yes, yes it was.

As I am almost certain this was made to be entirely satire, I found myself attached to Tanis and Big Al by the end of the book. The spice was,,,,something and PLEASE take the more intense trigger warnings seriously (such as the gore, death, cult, and amputation ones or anything mentioned that may trigger you), but I genuinely enjoyed the love story that unfolded and general plot line of this book.
Again, while it was goofy and out there, it was pretty unique and I'd be lying if I said I have read anything else like it. Faust's writing style was enjoyable and easy to read. Again, a bit silly from time to time, I felt like some things were purposely ridiculous and written as such, but it gave me a good chuckle.

Please take the time to read the trigger/content warnings for this book.
Below is my more personal thoughts that include spoilers for the story/plot line.

** Spoilers Mentioned**
These are my genuine thoughts and opinions and are entirely my own.
SpoilerThe beginning/first half of the book wasn't easy to follow in my opinion.
I had a lot of questions, and narrowed my eyes a few times trying to understand where the plot was going, and why. Also how Tanis was described, she almost seemed underage, and I wasn't sure what the author meant. I double checked and only in the last half of the book does she give us her age as 18, almost 19.

I had almost given up on Tanis and Big Al, but I decided to keep reading. I really wish it had been longer only here - to explain if Big Al knew the folks at the cult before they arrived there or not. It seems implied, but it truly didn't make much sense to me. But once the book hit around page 22-25 (halfway point) and they escaped the cult, I was hooked. I had to know what happened next! I feel that the story was much more coherent and flowed a lot better after this point.

All in all, its silly and funny and I enjoyed reading this book!