A review by rashthedoctor
Batman Vol. 8: Cold Days by Tom King


Absolutely loved this one .

The story showed the after math of the wedding and finished with Bruce facing another tragedy . This leads me to believe that we are going back to the times when Batman became very disturbed emotionally during the Jason Todd death and Breaking the bat storyline in the past.

The first part of the story specially , which involved Bruce doing jury duty was absolutely fantastic and despite lack of any action it dwelled deep into the psychology of Batman fandom and fanaticism that exists at Gotham .

Not to say that the other stories were bad , the banterous relationship between Dick and Bruce was fun to watch and although we know of Dick learning of Bruce's identity , we first time got to know how the early year relationship between Dick and Bruce was .

The only thing I didn't like was the art during the first part of the volume and the narrative style of King which still remains confusing for large parts of the story as well as , long monologues .

I'll say though , that this was the first time that King's Batman did Batman and not just roll over and got rescued by an Ally