A review by whatjanereads
After I Do, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Just finished this and don’t really know how to rate it, don’t really know if I liked it or not.
It’s about Lauren and Ryan, who Are together since 11 years and married since 6. Things aren’t too rosy between them and they decide to take a year apart.
I liked how this showed how every marriage looks different and how everyone has a different idea about a relationship.
I liked that Lauren discovered that she can be happy by herself and she doesn’t need anyone in her life for her to be happy, but that she maybe WANTS someone anyway.
But many many things in this also really bugged me, especially the parts about sex. Somehow this book makes it out to be the only important part in a relationship? So if that part works you’re automatically good? I hated it and I also really didn’t like Ryan and some of the things he said nd implied.
I spend 90% of this book hoping they will break up in the end.(I will not tell you how it ends