A review by shms
The Favor by Suzanne Wright


I'm so happy I saved this book for a rainy day. i'm not well, haven't been able to concentrate on anything, anything at all and in my misery I looked for something to just click beyond the first few minutes. Happy to say, this got me out of my funk.
I really liked the heroine, strong, mature, did I say strong? None of this wavering, simpering, easily fooled rubbish. So the few wobbles she had were understandable and dealt with in a straight forward manner. The extra star is there becuase we've got two grown ups as mc's and an author that treats its readers with respect. She allows for the fact we may have a modicum of intelligence instead of the usual lazy manipulative sleight of hand plotlines.
Like Pavlov's dogs I seem to be so well trained to romance plotlines that at the 80% stage I was bracing, for the inevitable 'crisis moment' leading to a seperation, cause...well that's what usually happens. I was actually experiencing some dread, and it was only when I stopped and questioned my feelings that I linked it to my expecation of the next stage. An expectation having being set by hundreds of books. Well, before I go off at a tangent about the mind, I'm happy to report it didn't. Sorry if that's a spoiler. :)