A review by losapala
Sirens by Joshua Mohr


This book gutted me on a lot of levels. It’s very possibly the most beautiful book I’ve read in the last couple of years. I found myself in so many of the stories Mohr shared—being an addict/alcoholic, being a writer, being the parent of a small child (and a parent who finds that situation frequently challenging), being a struggling artist in San Francisco. I felt like I gave a huge sigh of relief as I read every single section. OMG, I’m not alone! Someone else has gone through these things and actually has the kind of insane bravery it takes to talk about them honestly!

In fact, after reading this book I can say truly that Joshua Mohr is one of the bravest writers I’ve ever come across.

Sirens explores it all—the shadow side of our human nature, the complex layers that go into making up what we call a human being, the anguished struggle each of us goes through to live a life that actually has meaning. And Mohr’s writing hit me on every level as he explored each of these topics, the emotional, the mental and even the physical.

This is a book I’ll be rereading for sure. It’s also one of those special books that I’ll be passing onto fellow writers and artists.