A review by taylorreadsbooks
Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth


If I have learned anything from my 20+ years of reading it is this: If the book is written from 2 POVs that gives the author free reign to off either one of the MCs whenever she feels like it. I learned this valuable lesson from none other then Veronica Roth..

This book is written with 2 POVs however one is written in first person and the other in third person. I'm not sure I have ever come across this format before, it was interesting, and while this book didn't hook me and draw me in like Divergent did it was still a really good read. Veronica Roth is really good at her world building. I loved the reversed gender rolls -tough warrior girl and gentle sensitive guy- but some of the made up names/words really turned me off. If I hadn't read this in one day I think it would have taken me a while to get back into the language of her world which to me as a reader is kind of annoying. I did love the MCs and the world and I am anxious for the next book.

Also I would like to thank Ms. Roth for not ending on a cliff hanger as evil as Insurgent's.