A review by oxfordcommas991
Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun by Elle Cosimano


I continue to be entertained by the Finlay Donovan series, of which this is book three. This installment wasn’t my favorite, I preferred the tighter and more concise plots of the first two, but it was still enjoyable and quite a ride.

Finlay & Vero seem to always be causing trouble everywhere they go, and (accidentally) leaving bodies in their wake. Book three takes place mostly within the confines of a civilian police training academy simulation camp, as our two heroines try to track down the identity of EasyClean and stay a step ahead of their friendly neighborhood Russian mob boss.

There’s a bit more filler to this book, and some wandering side plots, but Elle Cosimano consistently delivers with her A+ narrative, action packed final 100 pages, and “will they or won’t they” chemistry. I pride myself on being the person who can frequently guess the “twists” in books, but Cosimano’s writing really keeps me on my toes. I’ve never once been able to guess where these books are headed, the third iteration included, which makes these worthwhile and fun reads for me.

Let’s be honest, I’ll be picking up the 4th installment when it’s out…