A review by sarastar
The Idea of You, by Robinne Lee


First, I have to say I loved this book and more….I was riveted until the end. I loved everything except the end.

Some books just leave you speechless, without words to properly describe it because no word you know is good enough.
They leave you feeling mixed up because you lived the story with all the passion and emotions.
Reading this book was effortless but I had to revisit the ending because...it was unexpected.
I think I wish I did not read this book….but I did.

The Characters: 5 stars
The Settings: 5 stars
The love story: 5 stars
The flow:: 5 stars
The ending: …..undecided

This book is about a romance between Solene, and Hayes Campbell who is from a famous boy band named August Moon.
The big deal is that the age gap is about 19 years. Now that is frowned upon if the woman is the one older one, in which case this is.

Now, I was expecting a romance... and maybe predictable given what it was about but I was not prepared for the depth of this story. Robinne Lee made this book into a riveting, captivating, emotional and beautiful story.
So beautiful it hurt my heart.
Every word on this page, smooth and the writing is perfect.
I loved how the story unfolded and grew.
I fell in love with the descriptions.
I was constantly on tip toes with the relationship as if I was there.
This book has so many emotions.
The characters are so carefully developed.
The chemistry between the characters is perfect.

The one thing that amazed me is:
How well the life of a celebrity boy band was captured in all its awareness, all the complications that came with it. It was not glazed over, everyone was touched on. The band members you get to see a glimpse of them, Hayes bodyguards, his family. The lifestyle I could picture perfectly.
The Life of Solene and her friends, her love of art, and her daughter Isabelle. It was amazing. Her own complications in her life involving her ex husband.

Beautiful, smart, charming, witty Hayes. I did not feel the age gap with this. He is so well articulated. And the chemistry was incredible.
Solene is the very definition of a woman. She is beautiful and multidimensional. There are so many layers to each of them and it is revealed as the story unfolds.
I wanted to learn more about them so I kept reading non stop, I wanted to know how this was going to play out.

And the setting...
I enjoyed reading about all the various places Hayes and the band went.
Every angle was thoroughly explored in the story and as a reader every emotion each person was going through was felt. I love the descriptions of everywhere Hayes and Solene went.

And when Isabelle found out…
I too was holding my breath…
Heartbreaking and sad the way Isabelle found out, well written.
However she did not put them through continued torture which can sometimes put the reader off
Isabelle evolved along with everything. She put much effort into accepting the relationship though it hurt her.
Too much angst is not always a good thing and it was the perfect amount to keep the story moving forward instead of getting stuck.
In the end though the choices were difficult that had to be made.

And then the end…

I could not believe I just got my heart broken as I read the lines over and over in disbelief.
Much like a cliffhanger...I think I know how Hayes feels when I arrived at the end.
My heart fell off the cliff too.
I had to reread that ending many times in disbelief that I actually felt my heart hurt in my chest.
Yes I was very much involved.
At this moment I could not decide if I am to love this book or …..
I feel like it is too lovely to end like this…

On the other hand…
I can understand why Solene made the choices she made though it broke her heart...and Hayes. It was a sensitive situation and alot was changing so fast. In Hayes' world it was ever changing, dramatic, loss of so many precious things, Isabelle and all the fans who can become scary. I imagine if Solene did not have Isabelle it might have been different. All the same it is difficult to suddenly be in the spotlight for everything, people watching your every move.

I do hope there is going to be a follow up anyway...just because I do not think it should end like this...Hayes and Solene deserve a second chance.