A review by taisie22
Siren & Scion by J.D. Evans

adventurous dark emotional fast-paced


This has been a wonderful series. The setting is unusual, in Tamar, which seems to take influences from Turkey or the Ottoman Empire. I love the references to that culture in clothing, food, etc. And this book finally gave us more about the Republic, which is distinctly Roman in flavor.
The premise is that the Sultana of Tamar wants to find the Charahs, or heads, of each spoke of the Wheel, a different type of magic for each. In the previous books, she's found some of the necessary mages, but now she sends the water mage off to find a missing branch of magic. Amara is powerful though she fears her magic also. She has to go into Republic territory, free slaves, and find more mages to help Tamar in the coming war. Cassian is a criminal, the son of a Republic senator, but has also been helping free slaves. While there's an attraction between the two, Amara has also been promised a betrothal to the Sultana's cousin, an ice mage, mostly for the power such an alliance will bring.
I love the magic system here and the world-building. This is the last book published but I think two or three more should be coming and I can't wait.