A review by the_ninja_librarian
The American Roommate Experiment, by Elena Armas

lighthearted medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character


Considering I gave the Spanish Love Deception 1 star, this is a huge improvement. It's a 2.5, but still, a huge improvement. 

The characters were more likeable than in SLD and had a bit more depth to them: more personality, hopes and dreams than just being obsessed with each other. I mean there was plenty of that too, but it was nice to have some personality independent of that. Armas explored injury and anxiety and the shame surrounding that a little bit which was interesting to read, within the context of a relationship, if a little superficial. 

Things that improved it for me: Taco the dog - a dog will always make a book better for me. And it was a nice, easy read whilst stuck at home with Covid.

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