A review by schnoebs13
DC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 1: Enlisted by Marguerite Bennett



World War II was a time when women stepped up and kept society running when the men left for the battlefield. What isn’t usually mentioned though it just how much of a role women played in the war. In this first volume of Bombshells, we see just how impactful our heroines from across the world were in helping to fight off the Nazis.

Man, this was such a let down. I loved the idea behind this series with how strong and important each of these women were and I absolutely loved the art style of the entire thing. My biggest issue was that within the first pages I was dreadfully bored. The lgbtqia+ was great in the volume but I didn’t feel any real level of intrigue at all. I think there was just too much going on and by the time I was starting to get interested in a storyline, we moved on to another. Pretty disappointed since I as really looking forward to this and have loved some of the author’s other work. I doubt I’ll be continuing on.